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You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this weekly show on NRM Streamcast™. Join Rabbi Tzvi Jacobson for thoughtful discussions and life lessons that are both universal and timely. As Rabbi Jacobson says, “think about it.”

Each show offers insight into various topics relating to faith; specifically the stories, lessons, and teachings of the Torah. Rabbi Jacobson is the Director of Development at Yeshivas Darchei Torah.

Latest Episodes

Let's Talk Torah - Epsiode 388

Why is the Torah portion called the “life of Sarah” if she dies now?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he discusses the “life” of Sarah and how it connects to her death

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 387

What is marriage all about?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he discusses Isaac’s marriage to Rivka, match making, and what is really important.

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 386

Was Lot really so bad?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he discusses Abraham’s kindness, Lot’s kindness and how they differ and how powerful even Lot’s kindness is.

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 385

What is the importance of haven’t a specific location to pray?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he discusses Abraham, prayer, and the power of a specific location to pray

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 384

Let’s look at Abraham’s testsJoin Rabbi Tzvi as he discusses Abraham’s test of leaving town, and what is the big deal.

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