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You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this weekly show on NRM Streamcast™. Join Rabbi Tzvi Jacobson for thoughtful discussions and life lessons that are both universal and timely. As Rabbi Jacobson says, “think about it.”

Each show offers insight into various topics relating to faith; specifically the stories, lessons, and teachings of the Torah. Rabbi Jacobson is the Director of Development at Yeshivas Darchei Torah.

Latest Episodes

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 424

Gratitude Part 2Join Rabbi Tzvi as he continues to discuss the importance of true gratitude.

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 423

What does the Torah say about “gratitude” and far does it go?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he takes a deap dive into “gratitude” and what should I have “gratitude for.

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 422

What makes rebuke “love” and what makes it hate?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he discusses how I show I care about “you” or I am just in it for myself.

Let's Talk Torah - Episode 421

What does the Torah mean with “Holy” and what does “fearing G-d” mean (it may not be what you think?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he has he discusses the Torah’s view on Holy and...

Let's Talk Torah Episode 420

Why does the Torah specifically tell me not to be like Egyptians and Canaanite’s?Join Rabbi Tzvi as he discusses the idea of sanctifying G-d and who decides what is ca...

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